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Tips and Advice from a Certified Sleep Consultant

Pink Noise for Baby’s Sleep

For many new parents, the quest for the perfect night’s sleep for their little ones is a top priority. Enter pink noise – a sound that’s rapidly becoming a favorite in the baby sleep toolkit. But what is pink noise, and how can it help in a baby’s room? What

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Sleep & Summer Vacation – How to Stay on Track

The summer’s almost here, and I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling this is going to be the best summer ever! I know I am going to be a bit less diligent about bedtime. But a few days and nights of too much excitement and too little

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Early Morning Wake Ups

Don’t we all just adore the beautiful faces of our babies when we first wake up in the morning? Nothing starts the day off on such a high note as the look in the eyes of your little one when they’re first getting up for the day. But when that

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Extending your baby’s nap

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar… Your baby has been awake for 2 hours and is clearly ready for a nap so, you gently rock her to sleep and put her into her crib for her morning nap. 30 minutes later, she wakes up fussy and irritable and, despite

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How can I help right now?

It is very difficult to live in a world where things are changing hour by hour. I know myself and my family are feeling the effects of all of this uncertainty. During this time, I am reminded of a quote from Mr. Rogers (did anyone else watch the Netflix special?):

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