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Tips and Advice from a Certified Sleep Consultant

Extending your baby’s nap

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar… Your baby has been awake for 2 hours and is clearly ready for a nap so, you gently rock her to sleep and put her into her crib for her morning nap. 30 minutes later, she wakes up fussy and irritable and, despite

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How can I help right now?

It is very difficult to live in a world where things are changing hour by hour. I know myself and my family are feeling the effects of all of this uncertainty. During this time, I am reminded of a quote from Mr. Rogers (did anyone else watch the Netflix special?):

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Can you co-sleep and sleep train?

I FIRMLY believe that when it comes to all things children, we as parents should do what feels right for our family. If that means co-sleeping, GREAT! If that means putting your baby in their own room/bed right when you get home from the hospital, GO FOR IT.   Over

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8 Tips for overcoming jet lag

So you’re traveling. Across several time zones. With a baby. Before you set out, I want to make sure you’re armed with all the information you need to maintain those sleep skills you’ve been working so hard to develop. I’m a sleep consultant, after all, so sleep is what I

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Are you afraid of the dark?

It’s 2:00 AM, you’re sleeping peacefully in your bed, and you suddenly wake up, not entirely sure why, but as you start to gain awareness of your surroundings, you become aware, to your horror, that there’s someone in the room with you! You hear the sound of their voice… “Mom

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