Kind words from parents

We worked with a sleep consultant for our first child, so we understood the benefits of good sleep habits before our son came on the scene. That said, we had no idea how to begin establishing good sleep habits with a newborn. Being up every two hours to nurse a baby all night was just not sustainable with a toddler to entertain during the day. So we reached out to Megan and started on a plan when Mac was just 9 weeks old. Megan created a gentle, flexible plan that was age appropriate and focused on establishing good habits and reducing night feeds to a more manageable number. Within days we were sleeping longer stretches at night and getting Mac more day time sleep as well. Megan is super easy to work with, always quick to respond to questions/concerns and very thoughtful in the way she works with her clients. Working with Megan is an investment in your child’s sleep and in yours - it’s SO worth it!
Jolene & Brian
I am truly grateful for coming into contact with Megan. When I spoke to Megan I knew I needed to change something in my son’s sleep pattern but was very hesitant. With only a few days in, the change was uplifting. Megan’s knowledge, support, and encouragement allowed my husband and I to gain confidence and help our son become a better sleeper and ultimately a better baby. In two short weeks my son has made huge improvements and we attribute that to Megan’s help. She was very thorough and was there to guide us every step of the way. Megan was punctual and provided us with a vast amount of information and was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had along the way. Megan also helped us overcome our own obstacles as new parents. I would definitely recommend her services. Thank you so much Megan!

Christina & Michael
We worked with Megan when our second child was 8 weeks old, we knew we wanted to get sleep started off on the right foot having experienced sleep deprivation the first time around. It was a great experience, Megan answered all our questions and was right there with us as taught our son new skills. By the end of the week, our baby was falling asleep independently and going to bed at a reasonable hour. And we were all much happier and better rested! If you are considering working with Megan, do it! Your sleep and your child's sleep is so worth it!
Emily & Jason
We started working with Megan when our daughter, Eleanor was two months old. With Megan's help, she's now on a daily routine and sleeping between eight and 11 hours each night. We're grateful for the valuable feedback Megan provided in our daily log and the information she provided at the end of our consultation. We highly recommend Megan’s services to anyone who needs help getting their little one on a sleep schedule.

Lindsay & Cameron
We worked with Megan at ABZ Sleep consulting for two weeks and are extremely pleased with the outcome. Our daughter was capable of a long sleep stretch at night, but getting her to bed was a long 1-3 hour battle and naps were 15-20 minutes and sporadic, always on mom or dad. Within our first week with Megan our baby started taking solid naps during the day and falling asleep for naps and bedtime in her crib. Getting our baby into a good sleep schedule has improved our days and nights dramatically, not only have we gotten into a great routine, we also have a happy baby due to the right amount of sleep during the day and can easily put her down for her naps and bed time without any of the previous issues. Working with Megan was fantastic. Megan was very supportive and available for all of our questions and only asked for consistency in return. The process Megan used was gentle and adaptable to the progress we were making and how we were feeling. We can’t stress enough how happy we were with the results of sleep training with Megan and what a huge difference it has made for our family.

Michaella & Scott
When our son was 3 months old we started working with Megan to help improve our son’s sleep habits. At this point he only napped in our arms or car seat and during the night woke frequently. He was unable to fall asleep/fall back asleep without us rocking him to sleep in our arms. Right away Megan helped us establish a structured, easy to follow routine. Following Megan’s advice and detailed plan, we removed sleep associations and within days our son was falling asleep on his own and waking only once a night to feed! The additional hours of sleep was incredible but it was even better to see how happy and content our little guy was with the extra hours of quality sleep. Throughout the two week program Megan guided us thoughtfully and attentively, always being available to answer our questions and/or offer advice via email or through our shared online sleep log. The change in our son has been incredible and this program was worth every penny. We highly recommend ABZ Sleep Consulting to anyone who is having sleep issues with their baby. It is possible for you to sleep. Trust us, we have been doing much more of it lately, and it feels glorious.
Ashley & Matt
We cannot thank Megan enough for the support she has given our family. Bedtime was awful every night and naps were non-existent. In just a few days, our daughter was sleeping through the night and naps were happening consistently. Life changing experience. Thank you Megan!
Rachel & Adam
We could not be happier with our experience. Megan is very knowledgeable about sleep and created a plan that worked for our family. We are all finally getting some much needed sleep. Do yourself a favour and hire Megan!

Tanya & Ian
We started working with Megan when our daughter was 6 weeks old. She was doing pretty well at night, however she was miserable during the day as she was refusing to nap. Megan listened intently to our concerns and provided us with a very detailed plan and schedule to get our daughter napping better. We saw results within the first couple days. Our daughter is so much happier now. She has also slept through the night a few times which we are so amazed by! I would highly recommend Megan as a sleep consultant. She was so attentive and prompt with her advice. She was also very encouraging, which gave us the confidence to continue with the plan she provided us with. Thank you Megan for helping our daughter, and us, to sleep better and become overall happier people!

Rhonda & Jay
We are very grateful that a friend referred us to Megan. Our 3.5 year old has ASD and was awake in the middle of the night for several hours at a time every night for over a year and we were beyond exhausted. We had tried a lot of other sleep advice from medical and ASD professionals with no success. Megan’s plan was specific to our child and was clear and straightforward for us to follow, and for our daughter to understand. We were both hopeful and skeptical starting off but our daughter was sleeping better within a couple days and two weeks later we are so happy with how much better bedtime and sleeping through the night is. We feel so relieved that our family is getting the rest we need. I really appreciate Megan’s support and encouragement throughout and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any parent looking for help with sleep.
Katie & Mike
To be honest, our son is now sleeping through the night and is having 2 naps at approximately 1 hour long each, what more could we ask for. (When I say sleeping through the night I mean, usually 11 hours!) When I first met Megan, he was still waking approximately 3 times a night, I would nurse him to sleep every single time and his naps were about 20-30 mins with a lot of rocking and shhh shhh shhh. We then realized we needed a plan! Megan listened to us so closely when we had our first call, she created a brilliant plan for our child and one that we felt confident that we could follow.She was patient with us in emotional moments and assured us that our son was doing a great job and so were we! She checked in with us a lot and always answered our questions and concerns very quickly. We are so happy that we decided to invest our time and money with Megan. Everyone is now getting the sleep they need. I would recommend Megan to anyone, I truly mean that. There will be the moments that our son needs some extra love or will wake up because something is bothering him. However, we now have the plan we need to get through those moments as well. Thank you, Megan!
Jessica & Lucas
Megan is wonderful! We saw improvements with our three year old son immediately. Megan creates customized plans and schedules and identifies the problems in your current routines. The changes we have made were so effective and have made such a difference to how our son now sleeps. Megan is worth every penny!